Michele Austin

Summa Shoot 05.12.170671 black and white michele crop squareSenior Advisor

Michele Austin has counseled politicians and business leaders on public affairs issues for more than 20 years.

Michele works closely with Summa’s industry, technology, health and defence clients.  In addition to her work on public policy issues, Michele also works with clients on stakeholder strategies, regulatory files and procurement.

Before arriving at Summa, Michele served as the Chief of Staff for both Rona Ambrose at Public Works Canada and Maxime Bernier at Industry Canada.  Michele also advised Minister Ambrose on issues such as infrastructure and energy in the Minister’s capacity as regional minister for Northern Alberta.

Michele was previously a vice president at the Public Policy Forum in Ottawa, and worked in provincial politics in Alberta.  She holds a Master’s degree in public administration from Dalhousie University and a degree in political science from the University of Waterloo.

Michele also appears as a conservative pundit on television and radio.  In her spare time, Michele volunteers in Ottawa’s west end as both a soccer and a dance mom.

Contact Michele

Phone: 613.235.1400
Email: maustin@summa.ca